Teach your children Spanish

Why should you teach your children Spanish?

There are a lot of benefits to being bilingual and within schools in the UK it is not compulsory at KS1 and KS2 to teach Spanish mainstream, however at Elite Tuition we strongly believe children should be exposed to another language from an early age.

Children’s minds are more receptive to learning new language so it will be easier for them to learn Spanish while they’re still young. Many parents ask when the best time is to teach a second language and the answer is – there is no minimum age.

Having the skill of another language helps them appreciate culture and connect to their cultural background. Some parents who are partly Spanish might want their kids to get in touch with their roots, learning Spanish is a great way to do that. But even if you do not have any Spanish blood in your family, it is still a good way for your kids to be exposed to Spanish culture.

Learning another language also builds emotional intelligence. Studies show that bilingual children have more empathy and a higher EQ. A second language boosts a child’s self confidence and enables them to communicate with larger groups of people, improving relationships and experiences and in time gives more career opportunities.

At Elite Tuition we help your child to build on their vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language in Spanish lessons tailored to the individual child’s learning needs.

We design individual learning around each child, implementing state-of-the-art tuition across all Key Stages, infants, primary, junior, elementary, secondary and sixth form covering all levels including SAT, GCSE’s and A levels.

Our private Spanish teachers know each child they teach individually and they really care about their personal education level.

We offer ALL children a FREE initial assessment to determine their personal level and to identify any learning gaps. Our expert teachers then create an individual learning programme to fit your child’s needs exactly. Your child will progress at their own pace.

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