Why Teach Coding?

Why Teach Coding?

In a future that will rely heavily on robots, innovation, and technology, why not begin preparing our students for that new world? Our Coding lessons allow learners to go from being users and consumers to becoming creators and producers in the digital world. At Elite Tuition we believe that we should prepare today’s students for those roles of tomorrow by encouraging them to make their own digital discoveries and write their own code.

Developing the Coder Mindset

Coder Mindset theory is very much aligned to the theory of Growth Mindset—the belief
that intelligence can be developed. Because of its problem-solving nature, coding requires
a similar mentality to be successful. Therefore, a negative mindset deterred by errors cannot solve
problems efficiently. Goals to work on for students:

Uses errors to find solutions

Uses the internet effectively

Ability to execute strategies for learning about unknown phenomena

Knows how to learn

Our coding lessons are structured with your child in mind.

We design individual learning around each child, implementing state-of-the-art tuition
across all Key Stages, infants, primary, junior, elementary, secondary and sixth form
covering all levels including SATs, GCSE’s and A levels.

Our private Coding teachers know each child they teach individually and they really care
about their personal education level.

When your child is ready for more challenging work we have resources to extend their
skills and abilities further in coding.

We offer ALL children a FREE initial assessment to determine their personal level and to
identify any learning gaps. Our expert teachers then create an individual learning
programme to fit your child’s needs exactly. Your child will progress at their own pace.

Where can I find tutoring near me? Find details of all our centres on our ‘contact us’ page.

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