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Elite workshops

As part of our community programme, Elite tuition provide a range of workshops in schools at no cost. This can be used to take pressure off teachers who are under constant pressure to produce lesson plans and deliver them daily. 

Alternative Learning

For pupils excluded from school, those that cannot perform at their best in a school environment, or children in-between schools, Elite Tuition can provide an alternative way of learning. Using holistic, personalised and effective teaching techniques.

Children whose school lives have been disrupted by frequent exclusions can have their learning accelerated or any gaps bridged by supplementing their education with tutoring.  This tailored individual approach to learning can also benefit those children who get frustrated in large group situations and need more attention in order to learn.


Tutoring can also be an option for children with Special Educational Needs who find it difficult to learn in a whole class situation.


At Elite, we recognise that all individual needs, strengths and challenges are different. If your child has been diagnosed with a special educational need or disability (SEND) tutoring can help them to learn in a way that is tailored to their needs and help them find coping strategies to support school-based learning.

We work with many special educational needs, however a parental perspective is a great starting point in these situations as you are the most well informed about your child’s needs and how they affect them as an individual.  If you are looking for help in the interim please have a look at these useful websites:


The National Autistic Society:

The Aspergers Syndrome Foundation:

British Dyslexia Association:

The Dyspraxia Foundation:

ADD Info and Support Service:

Down’s Syndrome Association:

Government page on SEND:

Your local council will also have a list of any local groups, activities and services available in your area for SEND.

Gifted & Talented

If your child excels at school, Elite can provide a greater challenge to support your child in achieving their full potential.  Our centres will provide an opportunity for them to be stretched and challenged in subjects where they show their greatest passion and skills.

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